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      WeChat, as a super App, is just like Swiss army knife that does everything easily for you, because it rolls functions of Facebook, Amazon, Google and Paypal into one single app, (把众多功能集合到一个应用软件上) all in one place. In other words, if you install this App, you will get WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype, and Uber, and Amazon.


      1)There are hospitals that build out whole appointment booking system.

      2)There are investment services, such as investing money into a wealth management product.(购买理财产品)

      3)There’s even heat maps (热量图)that show how crowded places is, be your favorite shopping mall or a popular tourist site.

      The list of services goes on basically forever. (例子不计其数)


      Hypothetically, imagine while you are sitting at home, you notice your Corgi(威尔士矮脚狗) is dirty and wants to have the dog cleaned. You open WeChat and hit a few buttons to order the service from dog cleaning business. A few hours later, a man shows up at your door with some shampoo and a big vacuum. Your dog gets cleaned and it looks great and then you pay him on WeChat. You share the photo of your Corgi with your friends and tag dog cleaning business in the moments of WeChat(微信朋友圈).


      Joy, a white collar of an advertisement located in Central Business District, orders the food while still at her desks. When the food is served, she noticed the meat is overcooked. So she snaps a photo and posts disparaging restaurant review(给出差评). The owner of the restaurant can get instant feedback from customers with the help of this app, although there are no menus, no waiters and no cashiers.





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