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      174. How is your generation different from your parents' generation?

      Every generation of people is different in important ways. How is your generation different from your parents' generation? Use specific reasons and examples to explain your answer.





      现在的孩子更加早熟(Children tend to be more premature than their former counterparts ),主要原因是随着媒体的发达,影响孩子的因素增多了。


      The world is changing and developing at a faster and faster rate all the time. Because of this, the difference between children and their parents is becoming more pronounced with each new generation. In today's society, there are many differences between the age groups. When our parents were growing up, the world was filled with turmoil. They were born into a time of war, and generally, lived through a very difficult era. Therefore, our parents are very careful to prevent accidents before they happen, and never act spontaneously. Our parents are very careful with how they spend their money, and do not spend much time relaxing. On the other hand, the current generation has grown up in a very safe, peaceful environment. We do not spend our time worrying about the future; instead, our time is spent enjoying the present.

      Second, our methods of entertainment are very different from our parents. Television, computers and the Internet are relatively new inventions. Our parents did not have such luxuries when they were growing up.

      Instead, they spent their free time outside, going on hikes around the city, or on bike rides. Today, most young people spend their free time inside, either watching television or playing computer games. Outdoor activities are usually saved for special occasions, such as trips outside the city. The final way that today's generation is different from the previous one is seen in how we view change and progress. As mentioned above, our parents do not enjoy living spontaneously. They like to have a set schedule, and follow it every day. Young people, however, like their lives to be full of adventure. They enjoy searching out the unknown. For example, many students spend copious amounts of time learning English so they can go abroad to a foreign university. Many of our parents will not even get on an airplane to travel across China, not to mention traveling to another continent!

      In conclusion, I believe that children are vastly different from their parents in today's society. Young people do not have to struggle to live; everything comes easily to them. The older generation, however, had a much more difficult life. Such large differences in lifestyle have created a very wide generation gap.





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