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      What changes the 21st century will bring?

      The 21st century has begun. What changes do you think this new century will bring? Use examples and details in your answer.



      Technology is being developed at an unprecedented speed. The 21st century is bound to be very different from the previous one, as we can expect that the speed at which new technologies are invented and expanded upon will continue to increase. I believe that the major changes that we will see in this century will be found in environmental issues, health issues and knowledge access. The situation of the environment in today's society is precarious at best. The world is continuing to build new and more wasteful production plants, filling the atmosphere with poisonous gases. There are many environmental scientists working to create new ways of cleaning our air. I believe that these technologies will apex in the 21st century, thus solving the world's pollution problem. In addition to this, I also believe that we will come up with new, less dangerous methods of producing the goods we have come to depend on. Many new diseases have been discovered in the last fifty years. AIDS and SARS are excellent examples of this terrible fact, and alone, these two viruses have killed a large number of people.

      Cancer and heart disease have also become much more widespread in the last hundred years, shortening the lifespan of millions of people. Doctors are working all over the world in hopes of eradicating these diseases. Every day they come one step closer to finding cures to all of the above-mentioned ailments, and many others.

      Moreover, our ability to access knowledge will become much more advanced in this century. More and more countries are getting "plugged in" to the Internet, and are adding their information to the vast collection of knowledge already found on this medium. The sharing of knowledge will also help to increase literacy around the world. People will be more interested in having this skill if it means they can have better, more efficient means of communicating.

      In conclusion, I am very optimistic about the changes that will come during this century. Environmental issues will cease to be a problem, people will be able to live longer, richer lives with the eradication of diseases, and more people will be able to share knowledge due to the advancement of the Internet. Everyone has good reason to be excited in this fast-paced, evolving time.





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